I'm Henry Bley-Vroman. I've been a fiddler, neuropsychopathology biochemist, change bell ringer, and ultimate frisbee player. These days I'm a web designer and developer, graphic artist, layout designer, and photo editor. I'm from Hawai'i, was in New England and the San Francisco Bay Area for years, and now serve the Raleigh-Durham Triangle. Think I should work with you? Contact me!

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I design and build websites that look and work great —and the same— for all users. I use valid HTML, CSS (sometimes via SASS), straight Javascript and also JQuery, and PHP, coding by hand in Dreamweaver and TextWrangler and slicing graphics in Photoshop and Fireworks, using Illustrator when PS doesn't fit the bill. I've set up stats tracking, mailing lists, @yourdomain email, custom calendars, Twitter, Wordpress and Blogger, and Facebook. My web designs are beautiful, easy to use, and convey information clearly.

  • APE Gallery Screenshot

    APE Gallery

    APE Gallery describes itself as "a nomadic gallery with a permanent online presence." I redesigned their corporate identity rebuilt their website from the ground up, using a custom PHP CMS in HTML, CSS, JQuery, & Javascript and carefully selected typography to create a professional design. The site looks and works the same across browsers and operating systems.

  • Luis Del Río Homepage Screenshot

    Luis Del Río

    Luis Del Río is a North Carolina-based Argentine musician. I redesigned and manage his websites, using CMS's including Wordpress. The sites are gorgeous, functional, and fully responsive across different screen sizes.

  • Wild Oven logo

    Wild Oven Bakehouse

    Wild Oven Bakehouse supplies artisan wild-fermented sourdough bread to Juneau, Alaska. I was responsible for all aspects of their brand and corporate identity, focused on their web presence: I set up their hosting and mail, designed and coded their website, created logos and graphics, edited photos, and created the UI for the MySQL customer database and ordering system.
    Try out the (partially disabled) demo

  • BidMob logo


    BidMob is a new smartphone app that gives users daily deals on demand. I designed their website, taking inspiration from their logo, mocked it up in HTML & CSS, and turned it into a custom Wordpress theme. I also reconstructed their logo from scratch, set up analytics, and configured their mailing list sign-up.

  • TribeFund logo

    Tribe Fund

    Tribe Fund combines social networking and fund raise to raise the profile of small charities. I designed and coded their website. It's a deceptively simple design built with expert HTML+CSS that takes full advantage of the languages to provide regardless of device and browser. I also set up their analytics and mailing list.

  • Digital Impressions logo

    Digital Impressions

    Digital Impressions is a production company that creates high-def personal response videos. I made their website, recreating from scratch –in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript– the site they had put together with an online web-design tool.

  • Transient Theater logo

    Transient Theater

    Transient Theater is a new San Francisco theater company that runs on a gift economic model. I made their website, slicing their graphic mock-up and building it into a HTML+CSS wireframe, and added a custom calendar and some JQuery goodies. I also set up Google Apps, Google Analytics, and their Wordpress blog installation; before that I helped them set up hosting. The final result is template-based site running a PHP-based CMS.

  • Clean And Elegant Design logo

    Clean And Elegant Design

    Clean And Elegant Design produces all aspects of what you see on websites and in print. Their website is written in the latest HTML, CSS, & JQuery. It's easy to use, looks good, and is easy to modify and update thanks to their their own Stamps CMS, a PHP-based system; it's also a joy for programmers, employing some pretty nifty coding tricks to make the appearance super-flexible.

  • Candice Benge logo

    Candice Benge

    Candice Benge is a motived young playwright driven to make theater a feature or more people's lives. I gave her website a complete overhaul, recreating from scratch the existing design but with clearer, more legible HTML, CSS, & Javascript code. I also added a custom calendar and set up the candicebenge.com email. The newly clean back end makes it far easier to update, especially with the aid of beginners' guides to HMTL I wrote for her.

  • Pints & Panels logo Czartoon Comics logo

    Pints & Panels and Czartoon Comics

    Pints & Panels and Czartoon Comics are two webcomics to come out of the Center for Cartoon Studies. I got their Blogger blogs behaving properly.

  • I've also consulted on web design for a number of organizations, including Cinemassive Displays, an Atlanta-based video wall and control room solutions company; Who Said What In The White House, a presidential trivia game; the MIT Economics department; and Kroka Expeditions, a wilderness skills school in New Hampshire.

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